Philosophy is a Dead Language – RIP


The uselessness and irrelevance of what is called philosophy is obvious.

Fundamentally, philo is merely another example of magical thinking.  The core claim of magical thinking is “Mind over matter.”  Philo, like econ, etc, falsely promises that word/language-behavior (thinking, talking, etc) can both accurately describe the “matter” of human physiology and actions — or effect it.  Clearly a lie.  But before brain science, the best we could do.  Now, obsolete.

–  The sole criteria for anything called knowledge is prediction of future measurable events.  When has, or can, philosophy ever predicted anything independent of what is called “science?”  Never.
–  Philo deals in everyday, mainly English, language/consciousness. etc..  If this were biologically meaningful or useful, other animals would have it, of course.
–  The average smart high school student knows more about brain > behavior that ALL the great minds of the past – combined.  It looks like Freud was the most accurate.  Aristotle, Kant, etc knew nothing about human behavior or physiology.  Behavior is basic medical physiology, so until tech advanced no one could know.
–  Since philo only uses everyday language which is locally normed and cultural defined, it is merely ideology supporting accepted wisdom of the moment, like econ, ply sic and the rest of the humanities.  Fair enough.

Please challenge these ideas with your own.

3 thoughts on “Philosophy is a Dead Language – RIP

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  3. Saying that “The average smart high school student knows more about brain behaviour than ALL the great minds of the past – combined” shows how many youngsters think about their knowledge, which is very limited, certainly still at the end of high school.

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