“The bulk of human decision making may occur in one of the smallest parts of the brain,” and oldest evolutionarily.

“These findings clarify the brain processes involved in the important decisions that we make on a daily basis, from choosing between job offers to deciding which house or car to buy,….deactivating the lateral habenula did indeed influence the subjects’ decision-making profile. The deficiency did not merely restrict their ability to assess risks and outcomes. Instead, […]

The Business, Policy, Marketing and Brain Research Manifesto – draft

The Business, Marketing and Brain Research Manifesto principals include: “define basic dimensions of target behaviors (such as buying, ad perceiving, consumption, etc.) to be studied across multiple units of biolgical, physiological and medical analysis across species, from genes to neural circuits to human and animal behaviors, cutting across current marketing models and practices as traditionally […]

How Brain Science is Destroying Economics, Marketing, Biz and Just About Everything Else We Believe/Think

The total reset and tearing down of all accepted wisdom, including in the hallowed halls of government and academe is now mandatory based on brain research findings including there is no free will, consciousness and subjective experience likely being trivial and the continuity of basic biological processes of brain > behavior across all animals, of […]