Description of Physiology of the Stress Mechanism

The Stress-Response Cycle The human stress-response cycle is a complex neuroendocrine response triggered by perceived or real threats from the environment or internal stimuli. The sympathetic nervous system and the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis are primarily responsible for the physiological changes associated with a stressful state (Selye, 1937).  The initial catecholamine response triggered from the sympathetic […]

Childhood Stress and Trauma Leads to External vs. Internal Focus

The Degree Of Early Life Stress Predicts …And The Shift From Internally To Externally Guided Decision Making:…Excerpted and edited from full article here Take Aways: Taken together, our neuronal and behavioral findings demonstrate that: High childhood stress and trauma Is related to lower MPFC activation during both rest and the self-oriented task. This is behaviorally […]

Evolutionary and Medical Basis for Hatred of Outsiders and Prejudice: Chance of Disease Spread

This is called “parasite load” and is correlated with most social behaviors around groups. “The forest region of central Africa is the disease epicentre of the universe! HIV from chimps, bats carrying rabies, Ebola, SARS, insect vectors carrying malaria and parasitic diseases like river blindness and elephantitis, loads of fecal-oral diseases… It’s described as ‘pathogen […]

“Science is about finding the most reliable way of thinking at the present level of knowledge”

“Science is a continuous challenge to common sense….Science is about challenging our a priori concepts of the world…the way we think and our mental vision of the world.  We keep changing our image of the world, to find a new one that works a little bit better…The past knowledge is always less.  We trust our […]

Brain “Plasticity” Is Mainly a Pop Platitude

My reading of the bench science is that the emphasis on brain “plasticity” is mainly an ideological reaction to the increasing evidence for genetic/developmental determinism from birth of most brain functions.  So naturally, an active denialism has become popular. “Plasticity is just learning at the neural level, and learning is not an alternative to innate […]