Consciousness is just the stories we tell to explain ourselves to ourselves, mainly, and others.


Core Misrepresentation Issues for Neuromarketing


This is excerpted from a critical, peer-reviewed study of online dating but the challenges are the same.  Like neuromarketing, online dating pretends to be evidence and science based but is not.  So if you look at the online dating companies they make similar unsupported statements and refuse to test their claims – just like neuromarketers.

Secrecy of this sort is standard in the for-profit sector. The formula for Coca-Cola is famously clandestine, and Apple reveals the inner workings of its operating systems only to software developers who sign nondisclosure agreements.  Nevertheless, firms like Coca-Cola and Apple rarely make explicit reference to a scientific basis for their marketing claims, perhaps in part because the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Act: Continue reading

Science Denial? Freud


I started my professional activity as a neurologist trying to bring relief to my neurotic patients. Under the influence of an older friend and by my own efforts, I discovered some important new facts about the unconscious in psychic life, the role of instinctual urges, and so on. Out of these findings grew a new science, psychoanalysis, a part of psychology, and a new method of treatment of the neuroses. I had to pay heavily for this bit of good luck. People did not believe in my facts and thought my theories unsavory. Resistance was strong and unrelenting. In the end I succeeded in acquiring pupils and building up an International Psychoanalytic Association. But the struggle is not yet over. Sigmund Freud