So Where Is New Knowledge and Ideas in Marketing Going to Come From? Hmmm?

So, where are the new ideas in marketing going to come from?  What are young people and even older folks going to study — really study, in depth — to get better and smarter about marketing?

–  Technology?  Doubt it.  That is pretty much “stick a fork in it” – done.
–  Social media?  Please, same as tech.  How many more, gadgest, apps, screens can we shove in peoples hands/faces?
–  Big data, stats etc?  Possible but only a few true numbers geeks will do this.
–  Current MBA and marketing course work?  Nah, tired old ideas, mainly from the last century, supporting the status quo.
–  Marketing company and marketing client research?  Nope.  Just done to support the status quo and boost careers and W-2s.  BORING
–  Economics?  Please (again.)  Those are the ideas and people that brought you the global meltdown.

OK, so where?  Hmmmmm?  (waiting)

I say brain science – where else?  duh…  Promise.  (And we all know what a marketer’s promise is worth.)  ANYone who really studies brain science – hard – will:
1.  Be a better marketer
2.  Learn a lot
3.  Possibly zooom past others career wise…

NOT neuromarketing or behavioral econ, etc — but real brain science.  Yes, the geeky kind.

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