Misc on Violence – Yikes!


Here are some items from a research paper on violence.

A former Lt. Commander in the Navy, Michael Blagg, later became a company executive in Colorado. He and his wife were both devout Evangelical Christians, although Blagg was addicted to pornography and was jealous, con- trolling and physically abusive toward his wife, Jennifer. After 10 years of unhappy marriage, Jennifer finally decided to divorce. A few days after she announced her decision, Blagg shot her and their 6-year-old daughter to death, hiding their bodies in the town dump (Scott, 2007).


Grudge-holding; persecutory ideation
Gang Lu, born in 1963 to a middle-class family from the Chinese mainland, came to Iowa University to get his PhD in physics. He was a friendless loner, morose, suspicious, but bril- liant, and did outstanding work while at the university. There was another Chinese student in the program who did just slightly better than Lu, and who was also outgoing and well- liked. This man won the physics prize that Lu felt he himself deserved. Lu became progres- sively paranoid about the heads of the depart- ment, as though they had conspired to humiliate him and award the prize to his rival. In 1991 the 28-year-old Lu, having obtained pistol permits, calmly killed the chairman of the physics department, his mentor, another professor, his rival, Lin-Hua Shan and a female dean whom Lu felt was unresponsive to his letters of appeal. Lu then committed suicide. As to his array of personality traits, Lu was experienced by those who knew him as argu- mentative, envious, bitter, brooding, difficult to live with, resentful, arrogant, rigid, aloof and hypercritical. He showed, that is, an admixture of paranoid, schizoid and narcissis- tic traits (Chen, 1995).

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