“…depressed people often have a relatively normal self-rated experience of encounters with pleasurable stimuli and that, over and above any problems with the experience of pleasure, depressed people appear to have impairments in behavioral activation, reward-seeking behavior, and exertion of effort. Indeed, most depressed people suffer from a crippling constellation of motivational impairments that include psychomotor retardation, anergia, and fatigue…”

How “Decisions” Really Get Made – Instantly

The research this picture is based on debunks pretty much all of our ideas about how humans, and other animals behavior. This is a great simple illustration of how behavior is triggered in between 50 – 150 millieseconds, copletely unconsciously and likely without any influence of consciousness, thinking, emotions, evaluation, higher level process or most […]

Biology is Just Physics

Because there are still naysayers who question whether simple physical laws operate in living systems, we want to emphasize the existence of numerous examples in which the laws of physics have been used to provide mechanistic insights on complex behaviors of living organisms. With further integration of the latest experimental innovations, such as in vivo […]