Study shows early cognitive problems among those who eventually get Alzheimer’s People who study or treat Alzheimer’s disease and its earliest clinical stage, mild cognitive impairment (MCI), have focused attention on the obvious short-term memory problems. But a new study suggests that people on the road to Alzheimer’s may actually have problems early on in […]

Humans Evolved to Basically Walk and Do Endurance Work All the Time – Not Tweet

We mustn’t forget that those individuals [early humans] were also hunter-gatherers. They worked extremely hard every day to get a living. A typical hunter-gatherer has to walk between nine and 15 kilometers a day. A typical female might walk 9 kilometers a day, a typical male hunter-gatherer might walk 15 kilometers a day, and that’s […]

“…human brains are fairly typical primate brains; they just became unusually large. “

….it turns out also that the idea that brains got large early on in human evolution is incorrect as well. We now know that: humans and chimpanzees split maybe around six to seven million years ago and the very earliest hominins, those are creatures that are more closely related to humans than to chimpanzees, had […]

Birdsong and Music Stimulate Same Brain Parts

Two studies on audio signaling thru birdsong songs and mating states:Birdsong study pecks theory that music is uniquely human (Medical Xpress)—A bird listening to birdsong may experience some of the same emotions as a human listening to music, suggests a new study on white-throated sparrows, published in Frontiers of Evolutionary Neuroscience. “We found that: the […]