Dopamine Is “Seeking” Neurotransmitter Not the “Reward” N-transmitter

Previously, dopamine in the ventral portion of the striatum  was considered to be the “pleasure” neurotransmitter involved in the action of all abused drugs.  However, clinical findings suggest that drugs that block the dopamine receptor do not block methamphetamine “liking.” The dopamine story continues to evolve, with dopamine now viewed by some as a chemical […]

Significant Gender Differences in Genes, Structure and Expression of Brain

This video lecture is a bit long and complex but very important topic and very good research. Dr. Nirao Shah is interested in understanding the molecular and neural control of instinctual social behaviors. Using mice as a model organism, his lab focuses on dissecting the mechanisms that generate sexually dimorphic behaviors such as mating, aggression, […]

Behavioral Econ Debunked? “Surprisingly Rational: Evidence that people follow probability theory….”

The below research is a great reality check for people serious about human behavior. Just Wrong: Behavioral Econ/Finance We have been consistent and persistent antagonists to behavioral theories and esp behavioral econ/finance. (BE).  It has always been far more marketing and salesmanship, successful, than science and sensible.  It just makes no sense.  The most intractable […]