The Wasting Economics of the Web – It Takes and Gives Nothing Useful Back

From the research we’ve seen for many years, the economic, social, personal and information value of the Web appears to be zero.   It captures time and visual searching and clicks but nothing more substantial or useful.

It does so by, apparently,although  it has not been studied, triggering pretty automatic and reflexive parts of our brains — thus, it doesn’t need to deliver real information or value.  It is a classic Ponzie scheme.

We can see indicators of this alongside the silly hype it continually throws up.  For example, the rent-seeking of Huffington Post and most blogs.  Fact:  The market value of each article on HufPo or PuffHo, is exactly zero.  The writers get paid nothing.

Thus, the information value of each article and each writer’s work is worth – nothing.  It couldn’t be more clear.

The unproven implicit claim of the web and social media and all e-media and gadgets is: visual searching behavior > clicks > buying behavior.   But this is unproven.

Now, the “good” news is that most of what we do, which includes what we say, has no information value or meaning as well.  What is the value of your last conversation or business meeting or conference presentation, article you read, TV show you watched?

That is not to say doing those things wasn’t a natural and even pleasant part of your behavioral routine.  But we are learning that good feelings and even doing something doesn’t mean it brings any information, value or meaning.

So the Web and online, mobile, gadget behavior is like everything else in life — just routine.  What’s silly is to pretend otherwise and pay for the time it takes up.

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