“You’re far less in control of your brain than you think, study finds “

This kind of evidence of little, if any, “control” of behavior is directly relevant to marketing and business.  Certainly, those of us wanting to influence behavior need to operate in these systems and millisecond timeframes. You’re far less in control of your brain than you think, study finds September 28, 2012 You’ve probably never given […]

We Have A (Decades) Long Haul to Go With Brain Research – Buckel In

I love brain research and brain science enough to accept that what we know now is, pretty much, nothing.  There is very little information value in what’s being published.  That’s normal and understandable. We don’t even have the basic physiological descriptive work done to even start with decent theory building — let alone theory testing. […]

The Wasting Economics of the Web – It Takes and Gives Nothing Useful Back

From the research we’ve seen for many years, the economic, social, personal and information value of the Web appears to be zero.   It captures time and visual searching and clicks but nothing more substantial or useful. It does so by, apparently,although  it has not been studied, triggering pretty automatic and reflexive parts of our brains […]

Pre-Frontal Cortex Mapping

Although the human brain’s prefrontal cortex (PFC) has been studied for decades, theories about a valuation network and a cognitive control network—both hypothesized to reside in the PFC—have only recently emerged, and their precise distinction is still unclear. Furthermore, cognitive control, once considered a unitary construct, is now thought to fractionate into distinct executive functions […]

“Cooperation” and Punishment May Be Just Selfish, Afterall

Take Away The researchers found that participants: strongly conditioned their punishment of their partners’ cheating on their own vulnerability to continued bad treatment from their partner… people in these experiments systematically avoided expending effort to reform those who only posed a risk to others.. Evolutionary psychologists study the purpose of punishment and reputation by ScienceDaily […]

Group Punishment Yields Cooperation

How cooperation is maintained in human societies: Punishment, study suggests (excerpted) by ScienceDaily (May 3, 2010) The finding challenges previous cooperation/punishment models that argue punishment is uncoordinated and unconditional. But it turns out that most members of large groups cooperate cooperation is maintained by punishment which reduces the benefits to free riding. Thus, there is […]

Fear of Out-Group Mainly Fear of Out-Group Men – Mating Competition at Work?

“It’s known that people are more fearful of “out-groups” – that is, people who are different from them, and this fear of “the other” has been clearly demonstrated with race. But Navarrete found that volunteers’ most persistent fears were reserved for men – that is, male members of the out-group. So white men and women […]