Magical Thinking Is Adult’s Brain’s Default Mode

Our brains our dominated by magical thinking. – Adults, more than kids, rely on the supernatural “The findings show supernatural explanations for topics of core concern to humans are pervasive across cultures. If anything, in both industrialized and developing countries, supernatural explanations are frequently endorsed more often among adults than younger children.”

Problem with TED – Fake Celebrity Pop “Science”

Communicating science in the age of the internet by DEEVYBEE JULY 13, 2012  “…Those who use the internet to communicate science have learned that the traditional modes of academic communication are hopelessly ill-suited for drawing in a wider audience. TED talks have been a remarkably successful phenomenon, and are a million miles from the normal academic lecture: the ones I’ve […]

Addiction – Brain Values Nothing Higher Then Getting Wasted

An Interview with Rita Z. Goldstein, Ph.D. …the motivation to procure drugs overpowers the drive to attain most other non-drug-related goals. In this model, we mapped the core clinical symptoms in drug addiction, including craving, or “drug wanting” to the brain mechanisms that underlie the ability to control behavior, especially in an drug-related) context. In […]

State of the Medical and Science Art on Addiction — Medical Treatment Can Help

Ignorance and the Undertreatment of Addiction An Interview with Charles P. O’Brien, M.D., Ph.D. Vice Chair and Kenneth Appel Professor of Psychiatry University of Pennsylvania Member, Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives Dana Foundation Grantee (2007-2009) Q: You have been studying addiction for more than 40 years, since before addiction was recognized by most to be […]

Awesum New Kickstarter Project: “Brain Molecule Marketing™ – A (real) Brain Based, No BS Business Book” At Last!

Brain Molecule Marketing: The Latest Brain Research for Profit (and Some Fun) — An interactive e-book or “Techbook” – using the latest digital technology to make a (somewhat) complicated topic come alive!  It comes with all the Internet frills. Why you want to send in your money to join our project: You will have fun […]