Tom Anderson (NYC) Managing Partner Anderson Analytics (OdinText) – Another Linked In Group Bully (Moderator)

Yes, there are social media Nazis.   Linked In really needs to watch groups being started and taken over by sales people and online bullies like Tom Anderson, Managing Partner Anderson Analytics (OdinText).  He cleverly calls himself “Text Analytics and New Media Research Champion”  Yea, right!!Well Tommy boy is no champion of transparency and freedom of speech online in his Linked In group called  Next Gen Market Research (NGMR) – The Best MR Networking Group on the Web!  Yea, right, again!   Apparently, if the members don’t sing Tom’s self-serving hymns to what he’s selling, social media, he blocks you.

It shows how even folks who hold themselves out as professionals and hip can be just a mean and little minded as Tea Party and other extremists. 

Yes, Tom Anderson at Anderson Analytics is one of the worst.

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