“Women’s gender-biases thus tend to be stronger than men’s, seemingly because their patterns of social contact are strongly driven by the changes in the patterns of reproductive investment across the lifespan,”


Creativity = Oddball Friends < 50


Genius networks: Link to a more creative social circle
by Zella King  May 29, 2012

The greatest artists and scientists have been inspired by brilliant peers. Now technology can help you maximise creativity by fine-tuning your social circles…The social circles in which these artists and scientists moved seemed to foster the free-flowing ideas from which great movements and discoveries sprang.

[Creativity] — The constant tension between alien perspectives and familiar faces seems to be key. Take Johannes Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press. He was a goldsmith, but his connections to wine-makers enabled him to see the potential of the screw press for printing. Continue reading

Risk May Be Calculated at Molecular Level in Brain — All Animal Brains! Complicated Stuff


Neuroscientific implications of risk-optimized behavior in the mouse

(Medical Xpress) — Regardless of an organism’s biological complexity, every encephalized animal continuously makes under-informed behavioral choices that can have serious consequences.  Despite its ubiquity, however, there’s a long-standing question about its neurological basis – namely, whether these choices are made through probabilistic world models constructed by the brain, or by reinforcement of learned associations.

Recently, however, scientists in the Department of Psychology at Rutgers University found that reinforcement cannot account for the rapidity with which mice modify their behavior when the chance of a given phenomenon changes.

The researchers say this indicates that mice may have primordially-evolved neural capabilities to represent likelihood and perform calculations that optimize their resulting behavior – and therefore that such genetic mechanisms can be investigated and manipulated by genetic and other procedures.

The scientists state that their findings suggest that neural mechanisms for estimating probabilities and calculating relative risk are phylogenetically ancient. Continue reading

It’s All Getting Data Driven, Dudes!


This is about science but applies to all professional work.  Yes, including marketing and business, of course.

Take Aways

  • Perhaps all science wants to be data-driven but could not be, until now.
  • Despite our familiarity with the aphorism “information wants to be free,” the story of Brahe, Kepler, and the Rudolphine Tables reminds us that freedom occurs only after a great deal of work, complexity, and expense.
  • Information may want to be free, but data is not as driven. In fact, data is pretty much a slacker: it might have a lot of potential, but it’s not going anywhere unless you stay on top of it.
  • ….The reality is that science is becoming data-driven at a scale previously unimagined. The ubiquity of access and the volume of data will fundamentally transform the scientific process. Continue reading

“Science is our way of describing — as best we can — how the world works.”


“Science is our way of describing — as best we can — how the world works.

  • The world, it is presumed, works perfectly well without us.
  • Our thinking about it makes no important difference.
  • It is out there, being the world.
  • We are locked in, busy in our minds.

And when our minds make a guess about what’s happening out there, if we put our guess to the test, and we don’t get the results we expect, as Feynman says, there can be only one conclusion: we’re wrong. Continue reading

findings indicate that it’s unreasonable to think that a policy based on costs-and-benefits analysis will influence people’s behavior when it comes to their sacred personal values, because they are processed in an entirely different brain system than incentives.”


Tom Anderson (NYC) Managing Partner Anderson Analytics (OdinText) – Another Linked In Group Bully (Moderator)


Yes, there are social media Nazis.   Linked In really needs to watch groups being started and taken over by sales people and online bullies like Tom Anderson, Managing Partner Anderson Analytics (OdinText).  He cleverly calls himself “Text Analytics and New Media Research Champion”  Yea, right!! Continue reading