Risk May Be Calculated at Molecular Level in Brain — All Animal Brains! Complicated Stuff

Neuroscientific implications of risk-optimized behavior in the mouse (Medical Xpress) — Regardless of an organism’s biological complexity, every encephalized animal continuously makes under-informed behavioral choices that can have serious consequences.  Despite its ubiquity, however, there’s a long-standing question about its neurological basis – namely, whether these choices are made through probabilistic world models constructed by […]

Tom Anderson (NYC) Managing Partner Anderson Analytics (OdinText) – Another Linked In Group Bully (Moderator)

Yes, there are social media Nazis.   Linked In really needs to watch groups being started and taken over by sales people and online bullies like Tom Anderson, Managing Partner Anderson Analytics (OdinText).  He cleverly calls himself “Text Analytics and New Media Research Champion”  Yea, right!!