“Between 1820 and 1860, it is estimated that more than 2 million enslaved people were sold in the American slave trade.” US population in 1840 – 17mm.

lavery paintings gave abolition back-up Read Later Detail from “Slaves Waiting for Sale, Richmond, Virginia” by Eyre Crowe (1861). His paintings and illustrations reveal “the power of images in helping viewers then, and today, to see the slave trade in new ways and thus helped to spread anti-slavery sentiment,” Crowe’s painting of 1861, “Slaves Waiting […]

“when faced with unknowns and ambiguities, our brains activate inborn information modules even when they don’t really apply. We take unfamiliar situations and even random data and perceive “simulacra,” meaning patterns that are inherent, not in the external world, but in our own minds. Furthermore, our pattern-recognition systems err on the side of being overactive rather than underactive.” John W. Loftus