“Your brain is a hyperactive environment-sensor and decision-maker”


How Genomic Medicine Works


Great simple example of how gene based therapy works. Imagine the suffering, if science had not figured this out. Another plague!

Our Brain’s Problem Solving Abilities are Real Limited


The challenge of communicating evidence and evidence-based practices and policy is very tough because the human brain defaults to fantasy. Apparently this was evolutionarily adaptive very long ago when there were very few humans.

Now that we’re going to 10B people+ and with many irreplaceable resources gone, oil being one, problems demand facts and not fantasy and delusional thinking. Just ‘cus facts are demanded don’t mean they will even be perceived let alone not immediately attacked. Continue reading

Importance of Psychology in Wealth Management


“Wealth Managers Seek Psychology Skills”

(Reuters) – When it comes to family squabbles over money — particularly contentious ones involving inheritances — you may find a new face at the mediation table with the lawyers, stock brokers and accountants: a psychologist.  The involvement of a mental health professional isn’t about providing traditional therapy.  It is more about helping those involved to communicate.  Because wealth, particularly sudden wealth, can create anxiety and confusion.

Financial advisers say the trend is growing because of the historic wealth transfer that is under way as the baby boom generation ages.   Baby boomers are projected to pass along an estimated $41 trillion through 2052.   As traditional wealth managers work out inheritances, they find they have to keep families from imploding as holdings are divided after a parent or other wealthy relative die. And to do that, they say they need more than just spreadsheets and stock charts.

Psychology To The Rescue Continue reading

Bacteria Talk Among Themselves


“We are just starting to get some clues that bacteria may be talking to each other with a contact-dependent language,” says biologist David Low. “They touch and respond to one another in different ways depending on the CDI systems and other genotypic factors. Our hope is that ultimately this work may aid the development of drugs that block or enhance touch-dependent communication, whether the bacteria is harmful or helpful.”  Continue reading

“why is increasing complexity seen as the ‘goal’ of evolution?” One could argue, for example, that some viruses are the ‘evolution at it best’, not because of their increasing complexity, but for the fact that they have evolved to be perhaps among the very most efficient life forms we know. Some viruses have economized on the use of limited size genomes by having the same DNA able to code in multiple reading frames, for example. They are the opposite of complexity – they are marvels of evolutionary efficiency. Why does complexity equate to evolutionary success?”