Maltreated Children Show Same Pattern Of Brain Activity As Combat Soldiers

Maltreated Children Show Same Pattern Of Brain Activity As Combat Soldiers We have recently found that children exposed to family violence show the same pattern of activity in their brains as soldiers exposed to combat.  The average age of the maltreated children was 12 years old. While in the scanner the children processed sad, calm […]

People Behave Socially And ‘Well’ Even Without Rules: Study

People behave socially and ‘well’ even without rules: study Millions of human interactions were assessed during the study which included actions such as communication, founding and ending friendships, trading goods, sleeping, moving, however also starting hostilities, attacks and punishment. The game does not suggest any rules and everyone can live with their avatar (i.e. with […]

Serial Killing Is a Broken Brain Searching for Homeostasis

Bottom Line — “A simple mathematical model of the brain explains the pattern of murders by a serial killer, say researchers” Mathematicians Reveal Serial Killer’s Pattern of Murder  Summary Researchers at UCLA have combined neuroscience and math in order to identify patterns in the acts of a notorious Russian serial killer, executed in 1994. The […]

“Alcohol Neurologically Damages Women More Quickly Than Men, Study Shows “

Alcohol Neurologically Damages Women More Quickly Than Men, Study Shows  DEC. 18, 2011  By Dirk Hanson Alcohol abuse does its neurological damage more quickly in women than in men, new research suggests The finding adds to a growing body of evidence that is prompting researchers to consider whether the time is ripe for single-gender treatment […]

Biological Complexity – Dumb, Random and Tinkering

This brief report seems to describe biological systems pretty straightforwardly as pretty simple really.   Event he most “complex” and adaptive.  This is likely generalizable to all biological systems including human institutions and businesses, personalities, groups, etc.  Evolution then is very much a hodgepodge and kluge from which seemingly well designed and complex products and […]