“Hundreds of studies have shown that people overrate their health, leadership ability, intelligence, professional competence, sporting prowess, and managerial skills. People also hold the nonsensical belief that they are inherently lucky. Most people think they are more likely than the average person to attain a good first job, to have gifted children, and to live to a ripe old age. They also think that they are less likely than the average person to be the victim of an accident, crime, disease, depression, unwanted pregnancy, or earthquake.”

Forget Nurture — May Be Only Nature/Genetics — NYT

Genes Play Major Role in Primate Social Behavior, Study Finds By NICHOLAS WADE Social behavior among primates — including humans — has a substantial genetic basis, a team of scientists has concluded from a new survey of social structure across the primate family tree. The scientists, at the University of Oxford in England, looked at the evolutionary family […]

1 Trait Has Huge Impact On Whether Alcohol Makes You Aggressive: Ignoring Future Consequences

1 Trait Has Huge Impact On Whether Alcohol Makes You Aggressive Bottom Line “If you carefully consider the consequences of your actions, it is unlikely getting drunk is going to make you any more aggressive than you usually are.” Drinking enough alcohol to become intoxicated increases aggression significantly in people who have one particular personality […]