Thinking of Person As Object By Gender

the more women distanced themselves from sexually objectified women the more they dehumanized them men’s sexual attraction moderated their tendency to dehumanize female targets only sexually objectified women are dehumanized by both men and women but for different reasons. Whereas sexual attraction shifts a men’s focus of a female target away from her personality onto […]

Psychopaths Talk Different — Like a Wolf

Psychopaths (relative to their counterparts) included more rational cause-and-effect descriptors (e.g., ‘because’, ‘since’), focused on material needs (food, drink, money) contained fewer references to social needs (family, religion/spirituality). contained a higher frequency of disfluencies (‘uh’, ‘um’) indicating that describing such a powerful, ‘emotional’ event to another person was relatively difficult for them. used more past […]

Power/Wealth, Alcohol, Anonominity > Disinhibition = Trouble

“Power (wealth?), intoxication, and anonymity produce similar social behaviors – for better or worse: All three states work to break down inhibitions in a person Thus triggering the most prominent response in any given situation regardless of the consequences As a result, alcohol, power, and anonymity can all inspire heroism and hedonism in the same […]