Genes > Brain Processes = Behavior Coming? Probably

Boy, this technology around genes is evolving very fast and getting cheaper. Gene Regulatory Networks In The Bee Brain Linked To Behavior — September 26, 2011 A new study reveals that distinct networks of genes in the honey bee brain contribute to specific behaviors, such as foraging or aggression, researchers report. … common, naturally occurring behaviors […]

When Humans Almost Died Off

The first thing you see is obvious: our ancestors went through two different phases of population “bottlenecking” (constriction): one occurred about three million years ago, when a large population declined to around 10,000 individuals. The authors note that while this may reflect population size decline associated with the origin of hominins after our split with the lineage […]

Hostile, Angry and a Tea Partier? Blame It Low Serotonin Levels from Your Parents

Bottom Line: “ (In) individuals have a natural tendency to behave aggressively…The communications between the amygdala and the prefrontal cortex was weaker….Weak’ communications means that it is more difficult for the prefrontal cortex to control the feelings of anger that are generated.” Take Aways: Fluctuations of serotonin levels in the brain, which often occur when […]

In Politics and Business – It’s All About Framing and Storytelling

What professionals and experts don’t get: It’s all about the feelings your message triggers The most important are moral feelings And the stories you tell. This is about political discourse but all discourse is the same.  Replace the word “voters” with “clients, in this article.  Defenders of evidence-based knowledge and policy need to learn these […]

Why We Trust Common Sense and Authority, Not the Professional — We Think Like Kids

This article is about science but it also speaks to the sources of resistance to professional, evidence-based advice from doctors, other professionals, and financial advisors. This is a growing problem as everything gets more complex and getting fact-based, professional advice and support is critical. [excerpts below.  Emphasis added. Our comments are in [brackets]] Bottomline: Resistance to certain scientific […]