Conscious Intent Not Normally Needed



When you can predict something, not only does your consciousness not come online, but it feels like it goes very fast. So, driving to work is very fast; but the very first time you did it, it seemed to take very long time. And it’s because of the novelty and the amount of energy you had to burn the first time you did it—before you were able to predict it.

Essentially what prediction means, if it’s something you’re doing a lot, is that you’re actually reconfiguring the circuitry of the brain. You’re actually getting stuff down into the circuitry, which gives you speed and efficiency, but at the cost of conscious access.

It’s not only the way we see vision and time, but it’s all of our cognition: it’s our morals, it’s what we’re attracted to, it’s what we believe in. All of these things are served up from these subterranean caverns of the mind. We often don’t have any access to what’s going on down there, and why we believe the things we do, why we act the way we do.


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