The Problem with Being Liked – The Narcissism of Tech

Here is a good NYT Op-Ed, excerpted, talking about how “liking” gets in the way of authenticity.   Authenticity is not always (usually) likeable. Highlights: The striking thing about all consumer products — and none more so than electronic devices and applications — is that they’re designed to be immensely likable the ultimate goal of technology […]

How Grandmothers Created Civilization

…a dramatic increase in the number of adults surviving to an older age coincided with the appearance of artistic, inventive modern humans in the Early Upper Palaeolithic around 17,000 to 30,000 years ago.   The finding also provides the first statistical evidence supporting the so-called “grandmother hypothesis”, the idea that grandparents accelerate the appearance of successful, […]

Can One Bad Investment Experience Cause Lifetime PTSD and Scaring? Sometimes

How One Bad Investment Experience Can Last a Lifetime Perhaps one of the most damaging investment behaviors is going through a fearful experience of loss and havin that trauma permantly scar the investor.  But there is a biological and brain-based reason for this.   Now like all responses to traumatic experiences, some individulas are more susceptible […]

The Brain on Beauty

Highlights Easy on the eyes = easy on the brain. People prefer symmetrical faces even when they can’t actually perceive the symmetry – that is, when only face halves are presented. It may be that symmetry covaries with other desirable characteristics that reflect the same genetic endowment and overall health  In a beautiful face, we […]

Ways We Engage In Wishful (“Motivated”) Thinking

There are some useful ideas here on how investors likely think about financial matters and process information and communications.  It’s long but worthwhile.  This is excerpted from  a chapter Motivated Thinking by  Daniel C. Molden E. Tory Higgins. Highlights It has been noted for  some time now that people possess many potential objectives when processing […]