what most scientists believe is simply another empirical fact no different from any other that bears


scientific opinion fails to quiet societal dispute on such issues not because members of the public


“Angry Rhetoric is a Response to Uncertainty and Fear”: from Psychology Today blogs


This is relevant to fear around investments and retirement.  More and more people have more and more uncertainty and fear about retirement challenges.

Why is that discourse so vitriolic in the first place, so hate-filled, so laden with references to ‘second amendment remedies’ and crosshairs and bulls-eyes and targeting and hoping opponents might die. Beyond just calling for cooler talk, we need to understand the underlying causes of the venom if we want to move away from the destructive antipathy that is eating away at society, and doing nobody any good (except, of course, those who spew for money or political gain).

Research into the perception of risk suggests that lack of control, and uncertainty, make us feel threatened and worried…. there are plenty of people who feel they have less and less control over the lives…When we feel threatened like this, we do try to find ways to reassert control, because control makes us feel safe.

One of the common reactions among people who are afraid and under attack, is to circle the wagons. We modify the positions we take and the opinions we hold so they are more consistent with the beliefs of the group…the tribe…with which we identify. Continue reading