Real Science? Skepticism Over Behavioral Econ + “Nudge” Theories

We have voiced the same concerns about a theory and set of ideas that quickly became pop and media favorites without the hard years of testing and experimentation needed by any new theory.  Perhaps the British are more honest about the challenges.  We favor cognitive neuroscience models and theories. There just is no peer-reviewed evidence. There are […]

How Groups Are Successful – Hint: It’s Not Individual "Leaders"Boston Globe

This is highly relevant to investment decision making especially among employees where group decisions are often the most important. Group IQ – The Boston Globe Researchers are finding hints about how individual people contribute to make a group creative and successful. Intuitively, we still attribute too much to individuals and not enough to groups. The proportion of […]

The Cultural Cognition and Understanding of Risk

This looks useful for addressing communciations issues with investment risk perceptions as well as any science and technical information based decision-making, e.g., medicine Cultural cognition refers to the tendency of individuals to: fit their perceptions of risk and related factual beliefs to their shared moral evaluations of putatively dangerous activities The cultural cognition thesis asserts […]