Wal-Mart Subsidiary Takes on Financial Services with Behavioral Targeting Technology

Oh oh!  This should change distribution strategies.  Interesting they are trying 1st in UK. Wal-Mart typically leads the retail industry when it comes to implementing innovative technologies.  It appears Wal-Mart has done it again by testing a technology on the edge. Only this time it doesn’t need CPG companies to participate. Asda Stores, a British supermarket […]

Addiction Definition

This seems relevant to self-harming financial behavior. “Addiction: Is the compulsion to engage in specific behaviors That harms the individual’s health, mental state or social life The addiction can involve substances or behaviorsIt highjacks the brain’s natural reward system And has the power to replace almost all other goalsIt is a learning process gone awry […]

"Brain Imaging Monitors Effect Of Movie Magic " New Scientist

More industries are taking advantage of the latest brain research tools to improve the connection with customers.  Can financial services be far behind?  Excerpted from New Scientist.   New approach, known as neurocinematics, is beginning to make itself felt in movie-making and could one day help regulatory bodies implement appropriate age restrictions on films. “It’s definitely […]