What does it take to get your attention?

The thing to remember is that the human brain is designed to not think. It is actually wired to remain in a static state enabling it to reserve its information processing power for emergencies or survival.

To help us remain in a static state we use schemas or models of how the world works to circumvent the thought process which allows us for instance to drive a vehicle without having to actually “think” about the numerous tasks involved.

Advertising is mostly about changing the perceptions of your target audience in terms of how they are used to “seeing” you. Sometimes it is useful to shift your emphasis on the sensory channels you are using to communicate.

83% of all advertising principally engages only one of our senses – sight….Another way to engage your audience is to offer new ways to interact with advertising.

Dr. Tim Chandler is a professor in the Communications Department at Hardin-Simmons University and an AbileneBiz columnist