Healthy/Successful Aging = Managing Your Disabilities & Impairments

Successful aging was differentiated from normal aging by the following characteristics: freedom from disease and disability high cognitive and physical functioning engagement with social and productive activities. increasing attention has been paid to positive aging “from the neck up.”  Successful cognitive and emotional aging as: “the development and preservation of the multidimensional cognitive structure that allows the older adult […]

Should Financial Professionals Be Required to Learn About Brain Matters?

This may be a case of what you don’t know may hurt your firm and its clients. Behavioral economics was a start, but the science of how our brains drive each individual’s behavior, usually reflexively and unconsciously, is advancing far beyond that and perhaps more rapidly than most other sciences.   Shouldn’t financial professionals be […]

Postmenopausal women with chronically elevated blood sugar had a nearly fourfold risk of mild cognit

Chronically elevated blood glucose saps cognitive function in older women, according to researchers.   Studies have found a link between chronically elevated blood sugar and mild cognitive impairment or dementia, especially among older people.  “We already know there’s a connection between diabetes and cognitive problems,” “Type 2 diabetes is a very common and growing problem,” Dr. Yaffe […]

Facial Perceptions as Leadership Factors – from Voting Research –

(Ed – We think it worthwhile to look at research on political choice to tease out the dynamics of leadership selection and group behavior in selecting and putting some “one” in a position of hierarchy.) “Voters are heavily influenced by: Superficial Nonverbal cues Such as politicians’ appearance Voters make judgments about politicians’ competence based on […]