Harvard – Dopamine Deficits Play Important Role In Individual Differences In Economic Risk Taking In Men

There is a substantial amount of new, good research looking at not just the descriptive behavioral economics of investing and financial risk taking behavior but the actual brain mechanisms driving harmful economic and investing behavior. These are focused mainly on inherited, congenital neurotransmitter deficits and impairments.  These same conditions get worse with age and under stress […]

"…winners … resist the temptation to escalate conflicts, while the losers punish and perish"

‘Put simply, winners don’t punish,’ says co-author David G. Rand of Harvard’s Program for Evolutionary Dynamics and Department of Systems Biology. ‘Punishment can lead to a downward spiral of retaliation, with destructive outcomes for everybody involved. The people with the highest total payoffs do not to use costly punishment.’ “The thing that is best for […]