Using Experts to Avoid Critical Thinking?

All advisors and professionals working in wealth management and retirement need to be careful of this effect since they may be culpable when their clients executes harmful decisions.                      ————————————————————————— from the Neuronarrative blog 26, 2009…5:01 PM “What Does Expert Advice Really Do to Our Brains? .…expert advice causes the brain to “offload” calculations of expected […]

Driven by Dopamine: Inherited Brain Basis of "Success"

We are looking very closely at dopamine because it appears to be the basis for bad investment decision making and many other life problems.  We were surprised, however, to see this. Comments? Brain Dopamine Receptor Density Correlates with Social Status Philadelphia, February 3, 2010 “People have typically viewed the benefits that accrue with social status primarily from […]