Basics of Why New Ideas are So Hard to Take In

“Scientists have known that memories first form in the hippocampus and are later transferred to long-term storage in other parts of the brain. For some amount of time the memory resides both in the hippocampus and elsewhere in the brain. What’s not been known is how, after a few months or years, the memory is gradually cleared from the hippocampus.”

Once an idea leaves the hippocampus, it is part of our long-term storage.  Changing that idea requires a lot of energy expenditure to bring it out of long-term storage and back into the immediate experience/idea processing areas – hippocampus.

Political consultants are some of the best real-world practitioners of brains research and they know that we are all “cognitive misers” and will actively avoid having to expend brain energy either processing new/different ideas, or doing complex thinking/processing.  Brain energy wise, our evolutionary heritage found both to be just too costly with not en