“…people with symptoms of anxiety tend to be less tolerant of uncertainty…anxious people are less able to adapt to evolving situations.

“People who are anxious…continue to trust and invest in people who display increasingly untrustworthy behavior.” “People who don’t have anxiety are good at updating their belief that someone is trustworthy when the data begin to say, actually, this person isn’t as trustworthy as they were before,” “People who don’t have anxiety are good at updating […]

Gender Brain Differences Start During Gestation

During ontogeny [development starting with conception], the brain is permanently organized as male- or female-typical in a process called sexual differentiation. Sex-specific brain development supports the emergence of behaviors necessary for reproduction, parenting, and social behaviors such as aggression. Sexual differentiation is driven by sex-specific hormonal signals. In mammals, the major hormonal signal is the […]

What Really Causes Behavior…

Dont’ suppose any physicists/philosophers/economists/social scientists/marketers/etc even can comprehend this! lol “[The] system is organized as parallel sensorimotor streams, each contributing to a specific type of action within the animal’s [yes, humans ARE animals] behavioral repertoire, whose activity is orchestrated through selective invigoration, energization, or drive from the basal ganglia and other structures.