Ape and Human Genomics

the genomes of the common ancestral lineage for African great apes likely underwent an expansion of segmental duplication more than 10 million years ago. These repeats of sections of the genetic code may have made great ape genomes particularly prone to deletion and duplication events, thereby accelerating the rate of mutations with major consequences that helped drive the evolution of ape species.

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All That…Pop Is Not…


“Plato was one of the first and most influential thinkers to address the problem of tyranny…He believed that democratic forms of government create a licentious and undisciplined populace who are easy prey for smooth-talking politicians skilled in the art of pandering to their desires… such politicians entice the masses with unhealthy promises rather than nourishing the public good.” Source: https://goo.gl/rmnDci

Keep it simple, shall we, and define pop and pop culture as whatever gets the biggest audience and makes the most money.   Lists, rankings, measurable data on consumption of something will define not only pop, but how pop sumptin’ is – right now!  If you can measure the consumption behaviors, active and passive including watching, listening, etc, the higher the amount of consumption behavior, the more pop(ular), by definition.  Money generally follows consumption behaviors, since usually consumption requires some kind of permission and cost – except for music, or pretty much any other product by a creator, on the web, but that’s another essay. Continue reading

“about 50% of people with severe mental disorders are affected by substance abuse and roughly 37% of alcohol abusers, and 53% of drug abusers, also have at least one serious mental illness.”


Skin Color and Brain Reaction



Background. Ethnic minority individuals have an increased risk of developing a psychotic disorder, particularly if they live in areas of ethnic segregation, or low own group ethnic density. Continue reading

Stress/PTSD is Contagious at Molecular Level, Quickly


Stress can trigger enduring changes in neural circuits and synapses.  The behavioral and hormonal consequences of stress can also be transmitted to others,

  • In female mice that were subjected to authentic stress, this metaplasticity was diminished following interactions with a naive partner.
  • metaplasticity could be transmitted sequentially from the stressed subject to multiple partners.

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